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Collie practiceWelcome to the new crazybitchracing website. Those of you who have been here before would have seen a heap of girls cars and bikes, all modded to some degree. The website was well overdue for a rebuild and to be perfectly honest, it was going to be too much work to rebuild and include all of the girls cars and bikes, so Ive gone back to basics, just my car/s (for now), of the craziest bitch racing anyway, so bite me. A lot of the girls have sold their cars, or the mods listed and pictures were out of date, so, 2 cars it is. I’ll look at adding more girls cars in future.

Pic taken at a Collie practice – Many thanks to Serge, NextGen Photography for some great shots from that weekend.

Latest News
AlleggerittasNew rims (OZ Racing lightweight Allegeritas) for street, a set of Rcomps (Yokohama A050’s) for the old black rims… I did plan to do another round or 2 of the Speed Event Series in 2010 but it just didnt happen. So far the Rcomps have only done some demonstration laps at a CAMS event and a practice session at Collie.
Pics of the new Allegeritas at right (these are a 4 stud, mine are 5 stud).

If you are a female, a mad keen revhead, have modded and raced your own car, please send me an Email and we’ll look at making the website multiple cars again.

Video Clip from the Motorgirls TV Facebook page, back when the S15 was red!

and spot the red S15 (practice session, moving over for another car) in LF Performance Speed Event Series teaser – thanks Daniel.

YouTube Preview Image


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