Ford Transit Custom 2015

Ford Transit Custom, 2015, 2.2l TD, 6spd, 4 door van (2 rear doors).

Loss of power, error message “Service engine now”.

Engine light on, intermittent problem that turned into constant problem.

Ford dealership were unable to determine what the problem was, other than “the engine is getting too much air”. It’s either your non-genuine air filter (turns out it had a genuine Ford filter in it from full service only a week ago, where they didn’t diagnose the problem because the error decided to go away the day of the service), or the fact you’ve cut the muffler off (approx 7yrs ago). Nope, it’s neither of those I told them.

Dealership offered to take the vehicle for a week and test it with some testing device other than the one day/couple of hours could do. It would be $177/hr, leave the vehicle with them for the week and see what they find…

So, I took it home, had already ordered a Fuel Temperature Sensor and an Air Intake Sensor (the one on the intercooler, not ambient air intake sensor), I figured one of which was the problem, AND, both of them were in the vehicle, brand new in boxes, when the dealer was trying to find the problem. I told them they were there… #FacePalm

I started at the air cleaner, determined it was genuine and brand new (serviced week prior).
I removed the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow), which is located right at the air cleaner, top of the engine, on left side of air cleaner box when looking at the engine bay. Two torx (?) screws, easily removed. I had ordered a MAF sensor but with none on hand I cleaned it with electronics cleaner aerosol, let it dry, replaced it, took it for a drive, no change.

Next I replaced the Fuel Temp Sensor, located down on the right side of the engine when looking at the engine bay. Its easily visible and reasonably easy to get to. Just remove the cap/plug, then one torx screw. Rotate the sensor back and forth to loosen it up, then pull/slide it out. Have the new one ready to put back in the hole as fuel will leak out and air will get into the fuel system if you leave it open. I left mine open until I heard the air getting in, maybe 30-60 seconds? I put the new one in, replaced the screw, replaced the cap. Because I’d let air into the fuel system it did miss and fart for a few seconds when starting after this job, but just let it idle for a few seconds until it’s running nicely.
Took it for a drive, error came on within 1km of open road driving. Did a U turn headed back but it “seemed” to have more power than the usual under-powered with error, I wasn’t sure. I thought maybe it was fixed but I just needed to clear the error, so I did the feet on brake and accelerator with ignition on for 20-30secs until oil reset message was cleared.

I had a new Air Intake Sensor on hand, so figured I would try and find where it is on the vehicle. If it was as easy to replace as the Fuel Temp Sensor I might as well do it. Got under the front of the van, feet out the front, head pretty much directly under the radiator (and towards the cab). Under the radiator is the intercooler. The Air Intake Sensor is located on the pipe into (or out of, not sure which!) the intercooler, on the drivers side of the intercooler (Australian, right hand drive model). Easy enough to get to again once you are under the vehicle. Take off the plug (can be PITA, but usually a push/pull, work it out), then its one torx screw holding it in. Remove the torx screw, rotate a little to free it up, and pull it out. A flat head screwdriver can be used to “help” free these sensors up but be careful they are mostly plastic, just help it along, don’t pry it out. So Air Intake Sensor replaced, took it for a drive….

No error, drove with full power, all problems gone. Yay fricking yay!

Moral of this story, don’t bother with your Ford dealer, throw an Air Intake Sensor at it, if that doesn’t sort it I’d be adding the new Fuel Temp Sensor and a MAF sensor. One of them is BOUND to be the problem.

Fuelmiser Air Temperature Sensor Part number CAT028 on eBay I bought mine from Veales Automotive Parts (in WA) $61.
Fuel Temperature Sensor I bought from Ford (approx $81).
MAF sensor on ebay (hoping it’s the right one, looks right, will update if it’s not the right one for this van) $32.58 off eBay.


Let us know if this helped!! Comments welcome.

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