Changing rear pads 200SX/S15

Wanting to do as much of my own maintenance as I possibly can, changing the rear brake pads on the S15 is one of the easy ones.

  • Jack up rear, remove wheel, put the wheel under the chassis/frame/body just in case your jack fails.
  • Remove the two 14mm caliper slide bolts on the back of the caliper.
  • Lift the caliper from the brake assembly and rest it on the frame/chassis
  • Slide the brake pads from the spring steel holders, one on the outside and one inside of the rotor.  The steel holders will fall off the rotor after you pull out the pads, so its easier to keep one hand on the holders while you slide out an old pad and replace with a new one.
  • On the caliper, wind the piston in so there’s room for the new bigger pads. A set of vise-grip pliers or similar works well. Wind the piston in a clock-wise direction until the caliper can slide back over the new thicker pads. Note: If there are steel “lugs” on the back of the pads, those lugs will get in the way of the caliper unless they are in the right position, so make sure you wind the pistion in so that one of the slots in the piston head aligns with the centre lug. To prevent the caliper from turning in your hand while trying to wind in the piston, you can support it with a ring spanner!
  • Once the caliper is back over the pads, insert the bolts, replace the wheel and take it off the jack.
  • First drive after new pads, make sure to pump your brakes to get the pistons back to position. I do a couple gentle, then a decent braking in both directions, forwards, then in reverse. No nasty noises and brakes working ok?
  • Good to go.

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