Ford Transit Custom

FordTransitCustomWheels2014 Ford Transit Custom. Yes, a fffford. I’m a Holden girl, but, well the reviews for this van were excellent, and the VW, my original first choice, had not so good reviews and transmission and warranty issues. Thankfully so, because the Transit has everything, including cruise control, bluetooth phone sync, MP3/CD, parking sensors, traction control, stability control etc etc etc. 37 computers on board, yay. Most of all, it looks very nice indeed.

Ford Transit Custom wheels2.2L TD, 6spd with the city pack – fog lights, reversing camera and factory integrated roof racks, that lay down when not in use.
After a couple of weeks, I’m still on the first tank of diesel, and it’s still telling me I have over 700kms to go before I need to refuel! Wheels are ordered, nothing in Australia fits the 5 x 160PCD stud pattern, so imported a set of 18 x 7.5″ from the UK, arriving next week. ST36 Matt blackCurrently on 215/65/15s, but will be on 235/50/18s within a week or so (pic on right, fitted).

First job was to debadge as much as possible. “Transit Custom” gone. The Ford badges are impressive, but also indented into the bodywork, so I can’t just pull them off and have a clean removal, so as soon as I get the vinyl cutter running, I might cut a couple of new faces for the badges.

After several weeks/months of chasing a chip supplier, I gave up. I might look at it again in a few months when there are more of these on the road.

11.5.2015 – The muffler has been dropped. A little more rumble, slightly more power, and the turbo diesel can breath a little easier. There’s a nice little turbo whistle on gear change now, didn’t have that with a muffler.



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