Chapter 5


:: Painted ::

Finally, and all the bits back on it. Its not been polished since painting so its still quite dull, but hope to polish it this week. I pulled the front wheels off today in the hope of removing the trumpets to install the front HiLos but after removing the shocks, getting the trumpets out is a lot harder on the fronts than the rears. Its looks like I’ll need a cone compressor to squish the cone to get the trumpets out… unless I butcher the trumpets asI’ll never need them again.. so will see what tomorrow brings. If I had an angle grinder they’d be history by now, but I dont, so not sure how, but I will get the trumpets out ;) Then it will be lowered at the front and just about ready for licensing… :) Yay!

May '05 Front May '05 Mirror Guards
All I need to do before licensing is finish installing the front HiLos and Koni shocks. Connect up the air horns and rear LED brake light, tidy up the cab, put the factory rubber mat in (will carpet later).. and reinstall the wiper arms (painted black today). I think that will mean I can book her in for licensing. Hopefully the HiLos give me enough negative camber to pull the tops of the front wheels in enough to keep licensing happy.

After licensing I’ll be starting on the interior fitout. Stereo, dash, rear, including a 12″ sub in a custom built enclosure.
Finally, 4 broken nails later, all four wheels are lowered, still not polished.

Note the convex mirror inside the side mirror. I dont think these are legal, but it really does a great job of covering that huge blind spot due to removing the rear windows. I knew it would be a problem, but a problem I was happy to accept.. and find a solution to.. convex mirrors :)

Rear May '05Unfortunately, lowering didnt have the desired effect on the camber of the front wheels so I still have the problem of the wheels sticking outside the wheel arches.. by quite a bit. I’m going to hope licensing pass it anyway, but if they dont, I’ll have to look at adjustable lower arms to change the camber enough to pull the tops of the wheels in.

And yes, I will paint the inside of the wheel arches black.. I just havent got to that yet.

Licensed June '05It’s licensed!!
Managed to pass the pits first go when I finally got there.

Since then, I have polished most of it, hired a buffer which wasn’t a good idea as I went through the paint in a couple of small areas. I still have to finish polishing the rest by hand, but its driving now, and really looking good :) After everything else is done I’ll crank up the airbrush and retouch any areas that need it.


I will get more pics soon I promise, but I’ve been a little busy lately.. Its been shopping a couple of times and even took it out the bush last weekend and got a decent load of wood!

I finally decided and bought the stereo components, which include an Eclpise MP3 HU, Eclipse 4 channel amp, Lightning Globe 12″ sub and a set of Alpine Type S 2 way speakers.
To install it has meant Ive had to bring forward the dash building project which is very nearly finished. Ive made an mdf dash, and installed a third Mini guage, which is a factory tacho from another Mini wreck. I managed to get the tacho working and its firmly secured. The dash is in but yet to be covered, at this stage Im thinking I’ll cover it with black vinyl with a thin foam underlay for padding. I’ll use the original Clubman dash surrounds, which fit into the cutouts Ive made in the mdf dash.
I’ve got the Head Unit installed in a second hand under dash centre console that Ive mounted under the heater in the centre of the cab. I’ll be mounting the Amp behind the drivers seat in a large cavity under the van floor, and I’ll be building a sub box to house the sub. That will be mounted at the back of the van facing the rear doors and roof for maximum effectiveness. The 2 speakers will be mounted in the dash.

Ive laid the carpet to the rear of the van, and hope to finish the rest of the carpet in conjunction with the stereo install…

but here she is last weekend before setting off on her first real job – a load of wood from up in the hills :) Everything went beautiful. Temp was good, wipers even worked!! This was after buffer polishing but Ive not yet finished the polishing, and it was covered in dust from the buffer polish.. but after stereo and dash install I’ll post more pics of the whole car…

Its So much fun to drive! Cant wait till it has music aswell :)

On the road Cute and shiny Squat
Well…. its still not polished properly, but at least its had a wash :)
I laid the front of cab carpet underlay and carpet today, and started shaping the sub box.

The amp will mount perfectly under the passengers seat, away from the battery, and RCA cables will be down the passengers side of the car, as far as possible from the major power source, which should eliminate annoying background noises from power based interferance. Tomorrow I hope to work on the dash and front speakers install, and finish the carpet up the front wheel wells and under the seats. I wanted to get a couple of closeups of the roof spoiler, but the battery in the camera died, so I’ll get them next time. Hmmmm, I wonder what that object in the back of the van is? Stay tuned for the stereo install :)


Door trimsHoles coveredAfter removing the door cards to retrim with black fur, holes in the door panel that were previously covered with tape were recovered with red vinyl. Then it was holes covered, ready for retrimmed door cards. Pic shows back of the door card before refitting back in the car, fur attached. The black fur is hard to see, but finished door, oh and new steering wheel, fur covered dash and you can see one of the dash mounted Alpine speakers.

Door trim coveredFurInterior walls and ceiling totally covered in black fur, new black carpet throughout and stereo in complete with Amp and 12″ Sub – yes, thats’s the Sub! (pic below left). I made the Sub enclosure out of 2 very heavy duty plastic bins. Shaped to fit over the wheel arch, attached to the floor via an mdf base, reinforced at the top and base with mdf, two layers of bin are separated by a layer of packing and then the entire unit air-sealed and bolted to the floor, then also covered in fur. Rear and subThe acoustics are brilliant, well, let’s just say it’s an oversized boom box, and love the base! :)

The weber is now on but needs to be tuned, very driveable but not quite perfect. Seat covers to match the interior have been ordered, I’ll post pics of the cabin after they have been fitted.
11.09.2006 – The Mini Project continues…
I’m currently trying to locate jets for the weber. When it (the weber) was rebuilt, they replaced the 40mm chokes with 38mm – that wasn’t such a big deal IF they had changed the jets to suit the smaller chokes. So now I’m having to rejet it in order to get it running “more street friendly”. The locals seem to give me funny looks when the only speed it does is wheel spin 1st and 2nd, then I have to just idle it down the road, then give it another decent squirt. Low to mid range is stuffed, but I know what jets I need and they are hopefully on their way!


3.10.2006 – The new jets arrived and in they went. I scrounged a couple of pump jets from a spare weber I had, so now it’s running 38mm chokes, 170 main jets, 180 air correctors, F2 Emulsion tube, 45 pump jets, 50F2 idle jets and 4.5 auxillary vents. Its definitely an improvement but still the same problem with missing and farting about through low to mid range (but not nearly as bad as before). I havent played with the idle adjustment much as yet, so will try that first, then with all the spare jets I have I can now do a bit of “plug and play” and see if I can improve its driveability/performance. If that fails I’m going to go back to 40mm chokes and a full race jet setup as thats how it used to be and it used to run great. I havent had my 40mm chokes since the rebuild, but now I have them back I’ll be able to rejet it all as it was originally (if I cant get it to run well on the 38mm chokes).
and once I finally get it running right… I’m going to get it painted professionally. I was really happy to have it red, but my painting skills and or equipment, weren’t up to the challenge, so a decent paintjob will be the go. See Chapter 6 for the new paint job :)


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