S15 Repaint

October 2012

The S15 has done a lot of k’s but I just dont want to part with it. I still love every drive, every corner, every on-ramp, every off-ramp. Every set of lights, the sub, the suspension, the noise. Love it all, and not ready to trade it just yet.


The paint was getting a little old, as red does, and I never really wanted a “red sportscar”, it was just good for business. I got really tired of red.


Time for a colour change.


Partly stripped, will be ready for primer in a few days.
More stripped, bits in the booth.

I can’t even remember an imperfection in the paint on that rear quarter. Doing a beautiful job.


Respray by Scratch and Match Autocolour
Daniel Gregorini
14 Colwyn Road Bayswater 9279 3115
Daniel did an absolutely beautiful job on the respray colour change, highly recommended (and no this isn’t a paid for plug).

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