Competing in the ENJO Speed Event Series in ’02, ’03 and ’04 included Sprints at Barbagallos and Collie, Hillclimbs at Wellington Dam, Meelup and Albany. Other events including drags and Autotests etc were entered when time/budget permitted. The following pics are in no particular order as some venues were visited more than once throughout the seasons. Some pics are pre lowering, pre graphics.

Collie '10

Practice Collie, August 2010
Big thanks to Serge, NextGen Photography for these images taken at Collie in August 2010. Serge took some absolutely brilliant shots of the guys at the Collie Hillclimb event the following day. See his gallery and buy some images, support our photographers :)

ENJO Speed Event Series
(now called LF Performance Speed Event Series)
’04 Winner – 2-4L Road Registered
’04 Winner – Womens Challenge
’03 Winner – Womens Challenge
’02 Winner – Womens Challenge

Womens Track Records
(as at 15.03.05)
Barbagallo Raceway Long Circuit Sprint – 69.92 seconds (17.07.04, this record still standing 1.10.2012)
Collie '10Barbagallo Raceway Short Circuit Sprint – 60.09 seconds (28.02.04, has since been broken by a female in a GT3 Porsche, pfft :)
Collie Motorplex – 58.55 seconds (26.04.04).
Busselton Super Stage – 72.378 seconds (27.03.04).
Wellington Dam Hillclimb – 39.65 seconds – (27.04.03).
Meelup Hillclimb (pre ’04 Stop/Go course) – 52.07 seconds (28.09.03).

Collie '101/4 Mile Drag Results – Quit Motorplex
Date 17/12/2003 (when on 13lb boost and 233rwhp)
Location Quit Motorplex, Kwinana
Class: –
Elapsed time: 13.887
Terminal speed: 104.16mph 167.62klm
Reaction time: 0.716 sec
60ft: 2.406 sec
330ft: 6.072 sec
660ft: 9.128 sec
1000ft: 11.714 sec

Date 14/1/2004 (when on 13lb boost and 233rwhp)
Location Quit Motorplex, Kwinana
Class: –
Elapsed time: 13.837
Terminal speed: 103.80mph 167.05klm
Reaction time: 0.266 sec
60ft: 2.218 sec
330ft: 5.985 sec
660ft: 9.026 sec
1000ft: 11.658 sec


Wanneroo Rnd 9 '04Round 9 of the ENJO Speed Event Series ’04
Barbagallo Raceway Short & Long Circuits Sprints Dec ’04. A combined Short and Long Circuit Sprint in the one event. Set a new PB for the Short Circuit but couldn’t break PB for long circuit. Short Circuit PB and new womens record 60.09secs. Long circuit only managed a 71.02, mainly due to the hotter weather. Many thanks to Tim Barnes for this pic.

Hi Octane


Round 6 of the ENJO Speed Event Series ’04
Barbagallo Raceway Long Circuit Sprint July ’04, another great event. Hi OctaneThe still freshly resurfaced track is an absolute joy to race on. This time out I ran into a lot of traffic, but I found that really enjoyable. Dicing with Rex’s at 200km/h (and having more grunt than them) was a real thrill. A new PB and womens record with a 69.92 best lap was great, but to finish 10th overall of 63 competitors was the best result to date.
Hi OctaneMany thanks to Phil from High Octane Photos for these pics from Barbagallos.

I set a new PB and womens record with a 69.92.
One of the cars faster than me, the Triumph TR8 Hornet – his fastest lap was a 67.50, but lapping and dicing with traffic was a lot of fun :)

Round 3 of the ENJO Speed Event Series ’04
Collie Motorplex Sprint, what a great day!
The new bikirom and tune is really making a difference. The day started well, but rain was on its way, so my first 2 hot laps had to be good as a wet track would mean no new records for sure. I went out hard and broke my PB and the tracks previous womens record (mine) in my first hot lap of the day. 2nd lap I caught traffic and was slowed a little by a spin in front of me and subsequently a yellow flag. New Womens Record and personal best lap time of 58.55. A dry track would have probably seen this time come down even more but that wasn’t to be. That hot lap also gave me the Class Win – 2-4L Road Registered and 13th overall from a field of 54, which is one of the biggest achievements to date.

Busselton Super StageBusselton Super StageRound 2 of the ENJO Speed Event Series ’04
Busselton Super Stage – March ’04
For the first time ever, a round of the ENJO Speed Event Series used the same street circuit as the Forest Rally. With concrete and water-filled barriers lining much of the circuit, it proved to be a very challenging circuit. Best time on the day was a 1:52, finishing 2nd in class (2-4L Road Registered, behind Dr Paul) 33rd overall in a field of 74, and 1st in Womens class. Many thanks to Tim Barnes for these pics.

Round 1 ENJO Speed Event Series ’04
Barbagallo Raceway, Short Circuit Sprint – February ’04
I broke the Short Circuit Womens record with a 60.64 lap at this event. The newly resurfaced track is absolutely gorgeous to race on – congratulations to the WASCC and Barbagallo Raceway on a brilliant track. Many thanks to Phil from High Octane Photos for the following photo sequence on Cat Corner.

Wanneroo Wanneroo Wanneroo Wanneroo

WannerooBarbagallo Raceway Long Circuit Sprint – ’03
I broke the Womens Long Circuit Sprint record in ’03 with a 1.10.91 lap, breaking previous PB by around 7 seconds, thanks to the Bridgestone 540s, lowering, Konis all round, and getting a little more familiar with the track. Thanks to Brian White Photography for this pic. Thanks also to Wilkinsons Suspension :)


Collie Motorplex Sprint
Managed to set a personal best lap time and new womens record for that track (59.65 secs, late ’02). That record was later broken with a 58.60sec (early ’03), attributed mostly to the new Bridgestone 540s and minor adjustment to the rear sway bar. (Garth Tander did the same circuit during the ’03 Classic Rally in 55.? seconds apparently, in the fully prepared Monaro). I broke my own record again at Collie in ’04 with a 58.55, hoping to break it once more in the final round for Collie in November ’04.

Wellington Dam HillclimbWellington Dam HillclimbWellington Dam Hillclimb
In another event – first time at the Wellington Dam Hillclimb, I managed to take out the Womens Trophy and also the 2WD 2-4L Road Registered class over the guys in that class, (with a 39.65 sec climb) finishing 19th overall out of about 54 entries. Many thanks to Paul Kluck for these shots from Welli Dam.



Auto TestAuto Test



Speed Dome Auto Test
The inaugural ‘Auto Test’ was held recently at the Speed Dome in Perth with a great turnout of cars (74 entries). Finished 4th in class out of 14 cars in that class (1986-2003 over 3 litres – the turbo pushes a 2Lt into a higher engine size class), 32nd overall out of 74 entries. It seems in an Auto Test we should concentrate on getting each course done in the fastest, most accurate way, and less emphasis on powersliding through as many corners as possible.. doh! Maybe next time :)
Heaps of great pics (over 200) were taken by Franz Esterbauer and can be seen at the website. Thanks to Franz for the pics.

Auto TestAuto TestBut wait! There’s more… Brian White Photography also took heaps of great pics of the Auto Test, you can view them all at
These pics courtesy of Brian White Photography. Auto Test was pre lowering with the King springs and the firmer adjustable Konis.

Meelup Hillclimb
Meelup ’02 was in the pooring rain, incredibly dangerous, but I managed to have a good run taking out the Womens trophy that day. Meelup ’03 was a different story… I got one good timed run up the hill (and took the womens trophy for the day), but on the second timed run I got carried away… and had an ‘off’.

CollieCollie Motorplex Sprint
After 4 weeks of repairs, we managed to get the car back and running, throw in a front mount intercooler and K&N pod air filter – so I could have another go at Collie as its one of my favourite tracks. It was a disappointng day in that I didnt manage to beat my previous best time around Collie, but it was great to be able to bring the car home straight :) so I’m pretty happy. I managed to break the 1 min lap with a 59.87, but was a little hesitant to push it as hard as I have previously, given the recent prang… In Pit Lane, Collie Motorplex. Thanks to John at RCR Engineering, Wilkinsons Suspension, Paul at Bob Jane T-Marts Bunbury and Mike Green from Panda Interiors (trailer) for helping me get the car back together :)
With only a few minor problems to sort out, thankfully nothing that couldnt be sorted :)


Dyno Shootout at SST Automotives
First time dyno’d ran a 217hp at the wheels. Adjusted the boost to 13lb so it was then running 233.5rwhp at the wheels. Last dyno after bikirom and tune gave the car 276.7rwhp.

Quit Drags 13.8secQuit Motorplex Whoopass Wednesday Drags
First timed 1/4 mile drag ever, was great fun, reading the tree, reaction times, launching at the right revs for the tyres/suspension will take some time to perfect… but I managed a 13.8@167kmh on street tyres and firm track setup suspension.
In lane, just before warming up the tyres – apparently that’s a waste of time for street tyres… but fun :)

WannerooAt Barbagallos, my favourite place.


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